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From Creating Kubernetes to Founding Stacklok: Open Source and Security with Craig McLuckie

Jan 24, 2024

Madrona's Managing Director Tim Porter chats with Craig McLuckie about the importance of open source, building developer-centric security products, and more.

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Podcast: Craig McLuckie, CEO, on why he created Stacklok

Jan 19, 2024

Noah Labhart, host of the Code Story podcast, chats with about why he created Stacklok to help make open source software more secure.

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Trust as a service for validating OSS dependencies

Nov 14, 2023

Part two of StackOverflow's conversation with Stacklok CEO Craig McLuckie about how Stacklok helps developers build safer software by validating where code came from and that it’s been properly maintained.

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How the co-creator of Kubernetes is helping developers build safer software

Nov 10, 2023

Part 1 of Ben and Ryan's chat with Craig McLuckie, co-founder of the Kubernetes project and cofounder/CEO of Stacklok, which helps developers and open-source communities build safer, more secure software.

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Stacklok builds on sigstore to identify safe open source libraries

Nov 7, 2023

The New Stack covers the launch of Stacklok's first two products, Trusty and Minder. Trusty is a free-to-use service for developers to holistically assess the dependency risk of a software package and Minder is an open source platform for library creators to automate and enforce artifact signing and verification across multiple repositories.

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Kubernetes and sigstore founders raise $17.5M to launch software supply chain startup Stacklok

May 17, 2023

TechCrunch covers Stacklok's $17.5M Series A funding round and launch of Stacklok, a software supply chain security startup.

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