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Minder by Stacklok is an open source platform that helps development teams and open source communities build more secure software, and prove to others that what you’ve built is secure.

What is Minder?

Minder makes it easier to apply and automate the enforcement of security checks and policies across multiple GitHub repositories. It comes with a set of pre-built rule types to help you understand what policies to apply, and allows you to write custom policies in the language of your choice, like Rego.

Minder Features

Repo configuration and security

Most development teams have multiple repos—averaging 6x the number of developers. Minder helps you simplify configuration and management of security policies and settings across multiple project repos.

Proactive security enforcement

Continuously enforce security best practices like secret scanning, branch protections, artifact signing and more by setting granular policies to alert or auto-remediate.

Artifact attestation

Make sure your artifacts are tamper-proof by setting a policy to verify that all artifacts are signed using Sigstore, and display signature and verification status for those artifacts.

Dependency and license management

Manage your dependency security posture and supported licenses by helping developers make better choices and enforcing controls. Minder integrates with Trusty to enable policy-driven management based on dependency risk level.

Why use Minder?

Easy to get started

Minder can be deployed easily as a Helm chart and includes a CLI tool. We also provide a Stacklok-hosted version of Minder, so that you don't have to manage it yourself.

Designed for scale

Most development teams have multiple repos—as many as 6x the number of developers. To take control of repo sprawl, Minder allows you to apply security policies across multiple repos, and manage security controls programmatically. 

Robust policy engine

Instead of scanning running workloads and checking for configuration issues after deployments, Minder helps you set up controls across any resource and manage how you control them, through alerts and auto-remediation.


Announcing Minder and Trusty: Free-to-use tools to help developers and open source communities build safer software

We're excited to announce the launch of Minder and Trusty, two free-to-use tools that build on the power of the open source project Sigstore to help developers and open source communities keep their software safe.

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