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Unlocking secure software distribution with Minder and GitHub Artifact Attestations

Jakub Hrozek / Adolfo "Puerco" García Veytia / Radoslav Dimitrov /
May 3, 2024
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4 ways to secure your software artifacts with Minder

Jakub Hrozek / Radoslav Dimitrov /
Feb 20, 2024
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How to automatically pin GitHub Actions to commit SHAs for security hardening

Juan Antonio "Ozz" Osorio / Jakub Hrozek /
Jan 3, 2024
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Introducing Frizbee: A command line utility that makes it easier to secure GitHub Actions

Jakub Hrozek / Juan Antonio "Ozz" Osorio /
Dec 18, 2023
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How Stacklok uses Minder internally to build more secure software

Eryn Muetzel / Jakub Hrozek /
Nov 8, 2023
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