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Adolfo “Puerco” García Veytia is a staff software engineer at Stacklok, based in Mexico City. He is a technical lead with Kubernetes SIG Release specializing in improvements to the software that drives the automation behind the Kubernetes release process. He is also the creator of the Protobom and OpenVEX open source projects.

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Blocking unsafe open source dependencies in pull requests with Minder and OSV.dev

Yolanda Robla / Adolfo "Puerco" García Veytia /
May 29, 2024
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Unlocking secure software distribution with Minder and GitHub Artifact Attestations

Jakub Hrozek / Adolfo "Puerco" García Veytia / Radoslav Dimitrov /
May 3, 2024
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Securing AI / ML model supply chains

Adolfo "Puerco" García Veytia /
Mar 14, 2024
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